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Important Guess Papers Inter Board Karachi (Commerce)

Exams have never become easy!
The added Guess Papers will aid you to attempt Examination paper fully and to get success in it.

Guess Papers for Class XI

Guess Papers for Class XII

1st Year Commerce

2nd Year Commerce

Business Mathematics
Principles Of Commerce
Principles Of Economics

Commercial Geography
Pakistan Studies

Class 2nd Year Pakistan Studies Guess Paper Commerce

Important Questions:

Section B: (Short Answer Questions)

  1. State three objective of all India Muslim League?
  2. State three lines on ideology of Pakistan and its importance?
  3. State the names of the cash crops of Pakistan?
  4. When and where was the case be kept on Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar?
  5. Who was viceroy when Bengal partition and when annulled partition?
  6. State the lines on Laknow pack?
  7. Name the SAARC countries?
  8. State the location of Pakistan with longitude and latitude?
  9. State three lines on importance of Urdu?
  10. When was Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar died and where he burried?
  11. State three Islamic features of the constitution of 1973?
  12. State three lines on Khilafat Movement?
  13. Name the three poets of Sindh?
  14. Name three historical building of Pakistan?
  15. When and where did the Pakistan 1st atomic blast?
  16. State three lines on the Objective resolution?
  17. When and who presented Pakistan Resolution?
  18. Give two statements of Quaid-e-Azam on two nation theory?
  19. Who was the chief of the boundaries commission and which Muslim areas are included in India?
  20. Who dissolved the first constitution of the geographic location of Pakistan?
  21. Name the main cast of Hindu Society?
  22. State the name of present Prime Minister, President, Governers and Chief Ministers of Pakistan?
  23. When and why Crips and Cabinet Mission come to India?
  24. Statethree lines on India Basin Treaty pact?
  25. Who recommended the name of Pakistan?
  26. Write the full form of UNICEF and UNESCO and give theire functions?
  27. State the objectives of round table conference?
  28. State three lines on out comes of Simla conference of 1945?
  29. State three lines on the role of Ali Brothers in Khilafat Movement?
  30. State the name of regional language of Pakistan?
  31. Describe shortly agriculture resources of Pakistan?
  32. State three lines on RCD?
  33. When and where was Quaid-e-Azam OR Allama Iqbal born?
  34. When was UNO established and name the main organization of UNO?

Section C: (Detailed Answer Questions)

  1. Explain political, educational and social services of Sir Syed ahmed Khan for the Muslim of South Asia?
  2. Describe the guiding role of Quaid-e-Azam in Pakistan movement?
  3. Explain the ideology of Pakistan with the statement of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal?
  4. Define culture and describe the important features of culture of Pakistan?
  5. Explain the guiding principles of the foreign policy of Pakistan?
  6. Give detail about initial problems of Pakistan after its establishment?
  7. Explain the geographica importance of Pakistan in South Asia?
  8. Define Two Nation Theory? And describe the role of Two Nation theory in establishment of Pakistan?
  9. Define constitution? Explain the Islamic Features of constituion of 1973?
  10. Write the important political events from 1905 to 1949?
  11. Describe the role of Urdu in unity of Pakistan?
  12. Important Notes:
  • Agriculture problems and its solutions
  • Fourteen points of Quaid-eAzam
  • SAARC countries
  • Luknow Pact
  • Pakistan Resolution
  • Objective Resolution
  • Allahabad Address
  • Pak-India Relationship

Best Of Luck

Guesspapers Inter Board Karachi for Class XI, XII, (1st, 2nd Year) Science, Arts and Commerce Group Exams Guess Papers 2009, 2010, Karachi, Pakistan

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