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Important Guess Papers

Inter Board Karachi (Commerce) 2011-2012

Exams have never become easy!
The added Guess Papers will aid you to attempt Examination paper fully and to get success in it.

Guess Papers for Class XI

Guess Papers for Class XII

1st Year Commerce

2nd Year Commerce

Accounting new
Business Mathematics
English new
Islamiat new
Principles Of Commerce new
Principles Of Economics new
Urdu new

Accounting new
Banking new
English new
Commercial Geography
Pakistan Studies new
Urdu new

Class 2nd Year English Guess Paper Commerce

Important Questions:

Section A: (MCQs - Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1. Choose the correct answer from the given options

1. "If you choose to get drunk and break the law afterwards you must take the consequences". This sentence occurs in the lesson ______

  • Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oekentubb
  • The Day the Dam Broke
  • The Devoted Friend
  • The Writer

2. With in a few months of the creation of Pakistan ______ homeless refugees cam to Pakistan to seek shelter

  • 5 million
  • 10 million
  • 7 million
  • Act II of the silver box

3. "The man of life upright", has been composed by

  • John milton
  • John keats
  • Thomas Compion
  • Alexander Pope

4. Prince Rupert calls Ressendyll an importer what does importer mean ______

  • A lair
  • An honest man
  • A person who pretends to be some one else
  • An honourable person

5. "Modern cosmopolitonism is based upon science and machine". is started by ______

  • Oscar wilde
  • Bertrand Russell
  • Gals Worthy
  • Albert Einstein

6. "The seven ages of men" is taken from shakes pears play ______

  • Macbeth
  • The tempest
  • As you like it
  • Two

7. Accorder to Bert and Russell, Asia contains at least ______ very distinet evilications.

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

8. Tomorrow is a holiday "The Teacher said. In indirect speech it can be written as

  • The next day was a holiday
  • The next day would be a holiday
  • The next day is a holiday
  • The next day can be be a holiday

9. The Man in the waiting room recognize Mrs. Oakentubb because of ______

  • The label on the suitcase
  • She introduces herself of him
  • He recognize her
  • The porter mentions about her

10. The Philistines were quite ______ of samson's tricks

  • Surprised
  • Awere
  • Conscions
  • Unsuspicious

11. A very important personality invites madam De Mauban to attend the coronation ceremony. It is ______

  • Colonel Sept
  • Fritz
  • Rudolf Elphberg
  • Duke of Strelan

12. European's with unpardonable insulavity call the period of after the fall of roman empire as

  • The Renaissencee
  • De clarkages
  • The victorian age
  • The elizabeth age

13. "Say not the Struggle" is written by ______

  • William Blake
  • John Keats
  • John Milton
  • Arthur Hugh Clough

14. Who is the leader of Michells six

  • Prince Rupert
  • Detcharid
  • De Gaylet
  • Johann

15. "The Science occurs 90 the lesson ______

  • Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb
  • The day the Dam Broke
  • The Devoted Friend
  • Act III of the Silver Box

Section B: (Short Answer Questions)

Answer any 10 questions from this Section. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Why is Black Michael not regarded as a suitable person to be the king of Rurutania?
  2. What force does Einstein blame for the persistent of war?
  3. "Heavier does not always make the right men king". Whose comment is this and what does it means?
  4. I went into town and said to police man. "Will you tell me the way to Dolran may", the smiled and said.?
  5. Why does the author make the poeter a humorous character.?
  6. What is the upright man's view about worldly life? What are the characteristics of an uprigh man?
  7. What were the reasons given by Liaquat Ali Khan for the Muslim's desire not to continue living in united India?
  8. What lesson do we learn from the lesson The Devoted Friend?
  9. Why do the europeans learn the centuries after the tau of the roman empires as "The Buck Ages"?
  10. Fate and fortune are important in human life. Comment on this statement with fever to the essay on man?
  11. Mrs. Oakentubb got the punishment she deserved. Discuss?
  12. What examples does shelley give in the poem to prove that beauty is eternal?
  13. Which of the two female characters. in The Prisnor Of Zenda, do you like most and why?
  14. What justice done to jones in the "Silver Box"?
  15. The old ulysses symbolizes the "human spirit at its strongest". Comment briefly?
  16. What lesson do no learn from "Say not the Struggle"?

Section C: (Detailed Answers Questions)

Q.3. Write down the character sketch of

  • Duke Michel
  • Colonel Sapt
  • Lady the Mauban


Write one essay from the following choices

  • Inflation
  • Terrorism
  • Problems of Karachi City
  • Science in the Modern World
  • Energy Crises
  • Duty of a student / Students and politics
  • Importance of Discipline

Q.4. Read the given passage and answers the questions given below

When we are hopeful, we are in a mental state in which we expect good result of certain happenings and situations and feel happy about them. So optimism is a way of thinking which makes us look at the bright side of different situations one makes us expect the best possible results. When we optimistic, we are cheerful, happy and hopeful and when we are in this condition, we can drink, plan and work to the best our capacity. "Hope" according to William MC dougall is one of the greatest forces that operate in the mind something that enters into the structure of character it helps us in facing troubles and misfortunes and makes the future look brighter than present.

1. How does optimism change our mental state?

2. How can we make use of the best of our capacity?

3. What does William MC dougall say about hope?

4. Explain the under clined phrases.

  • Give a suitable title to the above passage.

Guesspapers Inter Board Karachi for Class XI, XII, (1st, 2nd Year) Science, Arts and Commerce Group Exams Guess Papers 2011, 2012, Karachi, Pakistan

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