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Important Guess Papers Karachi Board

Exams have never become easy!
The added Guess Papers will aid you to attempt Examination paper fully and to get success in it.

Guess Papers for Class IX

Guess Papers for Class X

Pakistan Studies
Biology (Optional)
Computer (Optional)


Class 9th Chemistry Guess Paper 2011

Important Definitions:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Atomic mass
  3. Atomic number
  4. Periodicity
  5. Metals
  6. Molarity
  7. Chemical reaction
  8. Radioactivity
  9. Electronegativity
  10. Ionization potential
  11. Atomic radii
  12. Formula mass
  13. Mole
  14. Molar mass
  15. Avogadros number
  16. Co-efficient
  17. Brownian movement
  18. Faraday
  19. Coloumb
  20. Ampere
  21. Electron affinity
  22. Homologous series
  23. Functional group
  24. Aliphatic hydrocarbon
  25. Alicyclic hydrocarbon
  26. Aromatic hydrocarbon
  27. Alkanes
  28. Alkenes
  29. Alkynes
  30. Isotopes
  31. Oxidation
  32. Reduction
  33. Oxidizing agent
  34. Reducing agent
  35. Allotropy
  36. Aqua regia
  37. Isomerism
  38. Monoprotic acid
  39. Poly protic acid
  40. Neutralization or titration
  41. Ore
  42. Minerals
  43. Gangue
  44. Tempering
  45. sublimation

Important Differences:

  1. Solution and suspension
  2. Diamond and graphite
  3. Saturated and unsaturated solution
  4. Molarity and normality
  5. Electrolytes and non electrolytes
  6. Conductors and insulators
  7. Ordinary and heavy water
  8. Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic
  9. Alpha, beta and gema rays
  10. Ionic and covalent bond
  11. Covelent and co-ordinate covalent bond
  12. Exothermic and endothermic reaction

Important Preparations:

  1. Laboratory preparation of chlorine
  2. Industrial preparation of HNO3 by Ostwald Process
  3. Industrial preparation of H2SO4 by Contact process
  4. Industrial Preparation of NaHCO3 sodium Bi Carbonate
  5. Industrial Preparation of Caustic Soda NaOH by Castner- Kellner Cell and Nelson Cell.
  6. Industrial Preparation Of Washing Soda Na2CO3.10H2O
  7. Preparation of Methane
  8. Preparation of Ethene
  9. Preparation of Ethyne
  10. Extraction of Sulphur by Herman Frasch Process

Write Properties:

  1. Cathode rays
  2. Anode rays
  3. Periodic group V, Vll, lll
  4. Ethyne gas
  5. Portable water
  6. Alkali metals
  7. Halogens
  8. Noble gases
  9. Transition elements
  10. Use of chlorine gas
  11. Use of Ammonia gas
  12. Uses of H2O2
  13. Sillicon
  14. Silica jel
  15. Water glass
  16. Methane gas
  17. Hydrogen gas

Important Questions:

  1. Branches of Chemistry
  2. Scientific method
  3. Types of Chemical reaction
  4. Bohrs atomic model
  5. Mandeleeve’s periodic law
  6. Define solubility abd briefly write the effect of temperature on solubility.
  7. Name the solute and solvent in the following solutions Butter, foam, haze
  8. Electroplating and its uses
  9. PH, its range and effect of raise and fall of Ph value in human blood on health.
  10. Electolysis of NaCl
  11. How Aqua regia dissolve gold?
  12. What are soap? Describe the two raw materials used in the preparation of soap? Define Saponification?
  13. Causes of food spoilage and food preservation method
  14. Oxidation and reduction in terms of transfer of electron
  15. Allotropic forms of Sulphur
  16. Ores of coppers and their formulae
  17. Oxide and its kinds
  18. Deltons atomic theory and its defects
  19. Discovery of electron
  20. Capacity of K shell, L Shell, and M Shell
  21. Plastic and its types

Important laws:

  1. Faraday's first and second law of eletrolysis
  2. Law of conservation of mass
  3. Law of constant composition
  4. Dobereiner's law
  5. Newland's law
  6. Arhenius concept of acid and base
  7. Lowry and Bronsted concept
  8. Lewis concept

Important Numericals:

  1. Calculate the number of Oxygen atoms in 4 gm of Oxygen.
  2. How many moles of Oxygen  required to burn 10 moles of ethane gas
  3. C2H4 +3O2----------2CO2 +2H2O

  4. Calculate the Molar Masses of the followincompounds?

  5. Al2(SO4)3


  6. Calculate how many grams of CaCO3 use to obtain 8 moles of CaO?
  7. CaCO3--------CaO + CO2

  8. Calculate the molarity of an aquous solution that contains 5.3gm of Sodium carbonate dissolved in 500 cm3 solution. (Atomic Masses; Na = 23, C = 12, O = 16)
  9. A) CO2
    B) H2O

  10. Calculate the PH and POH of 0.8 M of H2O?
  11. A current of 5 ampere was passed through a solution of CuSO4 for one hour, calculate the mass of the copper metal deposited on the cathode.( Z of copper = 0.000329gm/c)
  12. How many grams of oxygen gas is liberated by the electrolysis of water after passing 0.0565 ampere for 185 seconds.
  13. The formula for rust is Fe2O3. how many moles of Fe are present in 30 gms of rust?
  14. Find the empirical formula of C6H6?
  15. Calculate the silver deposited when a 10 ampere electric current is passed through a solution of AgNO3 for 50 minutes. (Electrochemical Equivalent of silver =0.00118 gm/C)


  1. Common salt dissolve in water but not in petrol
  2. Cold drinks are bottled under a CO2 pressure greater than 1 atm.
  3. 100 ml solution of KNO3 can not hold more than 37gm of KNO3 in dissolved states

Guesspapers Karachi Board for Class IX, X, (9th, 10th) Exams Guess Papers 2010, 2011, Karachi, Pakistan

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